Counter culture 

Counter culture communes sprung up all over the country with people re learning how to live off the land.Tune in, turn on and  drop out of society was not only suggested to the masses, but was justified by electronic media images of free living free loving people of all ages colors and faiths. This was a large problem for the long invisible overseers of humanity. They had always made changes subtly. They found that 4 generations was sufficient to removed "bad events" from the memories of men.
Little do they know  each race has been asked to contribute to the whole of Rock and Roll. Thus for the first time in human history  something embraced everyone with equal vigor and excitement. There was Jethro Tull with his flute, Traffic with keyboards, Chicago with it's horns, and The Almond Brothers Double guitar leads, and Sly and the Family Stone with dance soul music. Country Rock came into being opening the Country Community to a unique blend of African rhythm  and church melodies. Bachman-Turner Overdrive's 'Not Fragile' album was a swipe at the Yes album title 'Fragile'.

I will listen to your suggestions and hope the music will fill you with memories of great  and wonderful times. Ok  we I can't t think of anything else  to, I want everyone to spend a week in Yosemite, and to adopt two cats.  Bye

Summer of Love 

The result of years of  working and  dreaming of vocal music blended with the practiced and hard learned testimony of the power of the D chord.  Everyone  knows a result of the Summer of Love,   The parents of the Woodstock Generation could never have imagined what they were spawning. It was a critical time in American history. Rock Music is loosing it's history. The music was the common dream that linked southerner, foreigner, white, black, women, the old and the gay.  The burst of  creativity that lead to holistic medicine, herbal studies, computers, solar energy, renewable energy, and regenerative constructs. A unique time in the history of Western Civilization will be suppressed for all time if those who want it to "disappear" have their way.

From 1963 to 1980, the incidents and artists of the time were unique in their effect on social, economic, artistic and political ways up to that time. This music became a living working symbol of freedom, the right to assemble, and fostered a good appreciation for having a good time.

A Revolt against the power standards and rules of Western Civilization was waged in a most unique way. Love was all one needed.


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